Short story for Blair Witch Project

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Essential photos

In 2017, when I was walking on the asphalt nearby road on the east side of Seoul, people were in the car who headed to the middle of the city. I caught the velocity of traffic and felt my desire to leave the photos. It is related to the velocity of alteration in my hometown, Seoul. All things change so fast, and people change their lifestyle based on the alteration of technology. In 2017, I studied several subjects in the department of electronic engineering. From now on, I am not in the middle of the early adopter even if I graduated in electronic engineering. I felt some distance between technology and my identity. But technology, math, and science are one of my most familiar knowledge because I studied them from my adolescent even if it was my choice or choice of the social trend. I can’t deny them, and they are part of my whole life. I think that I don’t want to say that I agree with the current of the digital age or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Also, I don’t disagree with them at all. I tried to suggest my opinion or the perspective of the expectation of human or humanity in future. But the boundary between future and present becomes faint.

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Identity / Animal

When I lost my identity, I had to live as a poikilothermal animal. Animals have an inability to maintain their core body temperature. Their temperature rely on the temperature of the external surroundings. Such as reptiles, these animals have to be influenced by the situation. Animals should adapt to their epoch to survive. My life was like the ridiculous and bizarre rhythm, such as The Strokes's song "Reptilia." If Human should adjust to all of their current trend or their circumstance, their life is like the poikilothermal animal which change their temperature for the surrounding. What is the difference between survival and choice? Identity is like the intrinsic temperature, which can't change easily. I can't deny that people have to adjust the alteration for surviving for our future and present. But if people totally lose their temperature, they should fit their life into the time and survivor. If we can’t feel any distance from our situation, we are just the creature which adapts to survive. The identity is the estrangement between our own instinct and the pattern of the usual human’s universal choice. Live for survivial? It is dangerous! People try to follow the general selection. The general choice seems the right answer and perfect because most of the people do this. But it is fallacy if people choose their choice excluding their identity. In the short story of George Orwell "Shooting an elephant", policeman shot an elephant. He might not want to shoot an elephant, but he did. Because the spectator anticipated him for showing the killing performance, so he did for them and satisfied the taste of the crowd. Taste of the crowd. My conflict in the age of Fourth Industrial Revolution is like the relation between spectator and policeman. They tried to alter my identity for their taste, but I could not totally deny this flow. Also, I could not totally adjust to this alteration.

  • Story: Animal(동물)